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Our Story

          Noi Thai Cuisine continues the traditional of Bai Tong Restaurants in Seattle, Washington which originally began as a favorite stopover for Thai Airways Crew at SeaTac Airport over two decades ago. At Noi Thai Cuisine Downtown Seattle, we pride ourselves on making high-quality food and giving our guests a real authentic Thai taste. We strive to bring our guests the best in Thai cuisine as our food is authentically prepared and beautifully presented. Here you will find your familiar favorites but even more dishes you may not be familiar with yet. Each dish on our menu is prepared to order using the freshest and highest quality ingredients. Most of our dishes are created and modified by one of the best chefs in Thailand. All of our dishes are prepared by our Executive Chef and his Thai culinary team with care to ensure our guests enjoy the best dining experience, so you can trust that every little detail has been taken care of.
          Whether you have a special event or looking for a romantic evening out, we are dedicated to making your experience a memorable one. We invite you to come and experience the exquisite setting and 

Our Story

Our Team  |  NOI SEATTLE

          Our team is all of us.  We can’t do it without any of them from our chefs, servers, hosts, bartenders, managers, bussers, food runners, and you – our customers.  Our team is here to bring authentic Thai cuisine to your table in the finest presentation. 

Our Team
Sandy Burns.jpg

Meet Sandy Burns

Director of Operation, Noi Thai Cuisine

          I am so very honored to be a part of the Noi Thai Family! Which includes the Bai Tong family.  I was fortunate enough to have been chosen for the General manager position back in February 2014, which was only about 4 months after the opening of the first Noi Thai Cuisine in Bend, Oregon!  What a great adventure for me with passion of restaurants that I have, I have had the opportunity to learn about Thai food and culture, truly an amazing experience this has been.
          Even though I don’t speak Thai, I understand our goal of serving amazing food, prepared by our dedicated Chefs from Thailand. 

          I am now semi-retired and have my dream job as Director of Operations for all Noi Thai Cuisines locations. I am looking forward to the opening of many more Noi locations throughout major cities in the U.S. I hope you will join us and enjoy a truly Thai experience at Noi.

Our Excutive Chefs

Chef Jack.jpg

Head Chef

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